Sound Therapy

Services and Rates

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Sound Therapy/Cymatherapy

30 minutes $45 / 45 minutes $60 / 60 minutes $75

Cymatherapy® is a non-invasive sound therapy (acoustic energy) that helps restore the body to optimal health, balance and function. It uses an advanced instrument to transmit frequencies through the meridian system to the body’s organs and tissues that are associated with healthy cells and healthy cell function, supporting the body’s natural healing abilities.

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15 minutes $25

(Saturdays Only) Drumming Therapy is a method of utilizing the natural power of rhythm and sound and applying it to an individual or group for the purpose of healing. Drumming awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable feelings of excitement, peace, and ecstasy. It can elevate the mood, decrease anxiety and stress, and boosts immune system functions, benefiting physical health.